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We are a close-knit, friendly team with complementary skills and abilities, who draw on a range of expert partners as required for each project. 

Lance Bromhead

Managing Director
Lance has worked on and led many of A.C. Special Project’s successful high profile projects. With a real creative streak, Lance also has the all-round technical expertise and management skills to make sure it all happens. He’s worked in the lighting and audio industries all over the country for more years than he cares to remember, has an encyclopedic knowledge of people and technologies and loves bringing great ideas to life.

Andy Holmes

Senior Project Manager
Andy is our Senior Project Manager. With a passion for lighting, audio and video technologies he’s worked in the industry since 2004. Responsible for scoping out, planning and costing many of the projects, he’s got a wide ranging knowledge of detailed technical design, CAD, Dialux and project management. Andy makes sure it all happens on time and in budget.

Matt Stridgen

Project Manager
Matt is an experienced Systems Integrator with numerous years of experience working in the Lighting and AV services industry.
He brings with him a wealth of knowledge and skills in Project Management, Lighting & AV System Design, Installations and Special Projects.

Steve Toule

Technical Project Manager

Steve is our Technical Project Manager and has vast industry experience in installation, theatre and live events. Passionate about technology, Steve is always on hand to ensure you get the right solution to meet your needs.

Barbara Hibberd

Projects Administrator
Our Project Administrator, Barbara has years of experience dealing with customers and has very effective administration skills. She has an eye for detail and is passionate about getting the details spot on to ensure the client, team and business have what they need in a timely manner.

Not only have the solutions provided by A.C. Special Projects made all internal and external events a much more up-to-date and professional experience, it has also garnered a sudden buzz around the school with pupils wanting to get involved.

David Yates, Kennet School’s Head of Creative Media and Film

Sea Containers is an iconic riverside building overlooking London's South Bank, so we are very proud to be involved in lighting this beautiful landmark. The bold choice for the exterior lighting design provides an eye-catching complement to the venue's distinctive north façade and rooftop, cruise liner hull design.

Lance Bromhead, A.C. Special Projects Director

We are very pleased with the tailored solution that A.C. Special Projects delivered. The system is state of the art and yet very simple to operate. It also offers the flexibility to upgrade the show's lighting and visual effects in the future, to meet changing production needs. The system really enhances the viewer experience, the crowds love it and really react to it!

Laura Jackson, Project Manager for SGA Productions

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